In your stay here, there are some exciting and enjoyable activities that you can indulge in.

Local food class

We offer half day cooking class and activities to learn about the authentic Nepali food giving an insight into the Nepali kitchen, an opportunity to learn the techniques to prepare Nepali meals. You will be taught to make a proper plate of Nepali ‘dal bhat tarkari’ the most traditional food here as well as some others.

Moreover, there are hikes and treks to the closeby neighborhood areas which will be a great experience for you if you are a nature lover who likes to walk.

At the very core of Nepal there lies beauty. The wonderful work of nature is in abundance for Nepal. Specially, around Aapshawara Community Dalit Homestay which are art pieces for travellers and voyagers. After our course of time of visiting the community homestay there are plenty of wonderful places to visit and activities that will feed your souls purest identity.

Cultural evening

The villagers will prepare a cultural evening for you where they will sing folk songs and perform traditional dances. They will also dress you in their traditional attires and ornaments. This will be a lively evening full of laughter and joy.

In collaboration with Hands On Institute