Mud Jewellery

Mud jewellery is one of the basic form of jewelleries in Nepal. Here, in Aapshawara Village, we teach you to make traditional ornaments such as jantar, nau gedi, kantha, etch. Other forms of crafts such as pencil holders, pottery are also made. These classes vary upon your matter of interest, basic classes are until 4 hours. These are taught by Menuka Bk, a lady who has been doing this since about 7 years.

Musical Lesson

The musical instruments taught here are the basic ones used in Nepali folk music. All of them are traditional Nepali instruments such as madal, khaiyari, damphu, etc. This would definitely perk your interest if you are someone who is interested in music. Sundar Bk dai takes these lessons which last 5 hours for a basic class and you may continue if interested. He has had 12 years of experience in this field.

Iron work

We teach you to make materials used in a garden such as garden spade, garden trowel, forked trowel, garden fork, gardening knife, etc. We also teach you to make traditional Nepali utensils such as karuwa, anti, ankhora, etc. These are taught by Muse Dai who has been doing this field of work for about 20 years. These classes also range from 5 hours to more according to your interest.

Bamboo work

Bamboo work is an interesting art form that has been prevalent in Nepal since years. Here in the homestay, we teach you to make buckets, pencil holders, fish nets, etc. This would be a basic class of about 3 hours, which could be elongated upon interest. It is taught by Tulasi Kharvi, a skilled worker who has been in this field for almost 15 years.

In collaboration with Hands On Institute